About Me

Shalom, my name is Tal Megged and I am a licensed tour guide in Israel.

Tour Guide in Israel - Tal MeggedI was born in Jerusalem and spent my childhood and adolescent years there roaming Jerusalem’s streets and becoming intimately familiar with the extraordinary sights the city has to offer. Jerusalem is the  landscape of my childhood: The Old City, The German Colony, the Markets, and the picturesque neighborhoods. Many of the majestic synagogues, churches, and mosques were situated right “in my backyard”. I know them well.

During Israel’s required military service I taught Jewish history,  geography, and civic studies to soldiers who had newly immigrated to Israel. Following my service I toured the world - as many Israeli youth do. I returned to study theater and acting at Tel Aviv University before going to the United States for three years where I had my first son and worked at the Israeli Consulate in Philadelphia.

I returned to Israel to pursue my studies and received a diploma from Tel Aviv University School of Social Work specializing in Group  Facilitation. I continued my advanced study in counseling and  education at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was fortunate to  work in these fields for a number of years. Along the way my family grew and I am proud to say that I am a mother of three wonderful sons.

In more recent years I have chosen to bring my travel and teaching experience together by pursuing tourism where my extroverted personality is right at home as a tour guide. I organize and lead guided tours for international and Israeli tourist groups, families, church congregations and synagogues, pilgrims, and business guests as a tour guide officially certified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.

I am a uniquely qualified tour guide having been a former teacher of Israeli history and geography with a strong background in education and communication skills. You will find me warm, open, and communicative. It’s my  nature. I have a passion for Israel and welcome you to share it with me.


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Tal Megged - Licensed Tour Guide in Israel