A day tour to Jewish Jerusalem

Exploring Jewish Jerusalem in one day will include the highlights of the city. Here we will need to choose among some of the outstanding sites. It is always recommended to return for another day.


We will start with a magnificent overview of Jerusalem and the Judean Desert from Mount Scopus near the Hebrew University Campus. Next we will drive to the Old City and start our walk in the Jewish Quarter. There we will visit the four Sephardic Synagogues from the 16th Century restored after the 1967 War and view the Hurva* Synagogue built first in 1700 and ruined twice before its present restoration in March 2010. We will walk via the Cardo – the ancient Roman road -- viewing the remains of the 1st Temple Period Wall and the replica of the Menorah that was taken by Titus during the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 AD.


Davidson Center will be our next stop with its fascinating underground excavations around the Temple Mount or we can explore the underground excavations of the Herodian Quarter with its 2nd Temple Priesthood Residency ruins.


The highlight of the day is the Kotel** itself – The Western Wall -- where you will have the opportunity to put your personal note in the cracks between the gigantic 2000 year old stones.


We will finish this exceptional day with a drive through some of Israel's most notable national landmarks such as the Israel Museum, the Shrine of the Book*** where the Dead Sea Scrolls are kept, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament), and the State Supreme Court -- all located along Ben Guryion Hill, the "Capitol-Hill" of Jerusalem.


For many visitors the Yad Vashem -- the Holocaust Museum -- is the most unforgettable and moving experience of their stay in Israel. I highly recommend this museum to all visitors to Jerusalem.


*A tour to Hurva Synagogue with local on-site guides is recommended – Advance reservations necessary.


**A tour of the Kotel Tunnels with local on-site guides is recommended - Advance reservations necessary.  


***Highly recommended to spare the time for a visit to the Israel Museum's Shrine of Book. 


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